Learning Modules created for enrolment by registered chemical engineers for Continuing Professional Development credit units

This is the Support Website for the UST-UNIDO Green Boiler Technology Short Course for Engineers

Green Boiler

This is a fully online Foundation Course connected with the Training Series on Cleaning Technologies. The course is facilitated by the acclaimed Dean of Cleaning Technologies in the Philippines, Engr. Romeo Apolega, currently a Director for Luzon in the PIChE National Board of Directors Five modules can be completed within 10 online hours through self-paced  learning from the available supporting resource materials.

The course adopts adaptive release, meaning the learner has to satisfy an assessment requirement  at the end of each module before being allowed to move to the next. Course fee is P1500 to non-chapter members and P1200 to chapter members. The course has been assessed by the ChE CPD Council to be credited with ____ units.

Application Courses on Cleaning Technologies shall follow this Cleaning 101 Course, also here at the PIChE Academy.